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This above all; to thine own self be true

– William Shakespeare

Eye Of Needle is the work of Jason Alexander Basson. Having worked at GQ Magazine South Africa as their Fashion Features Editor on both GQ and GQ Style, his work has allowed him to explore a multitude of platforms, covering writing, styling, photography and brand communications and development for both print, digital and radio. Jason also served as GQ’s Online Editor, where he liaised with advertisers to come up with custom creative campaigns for their brands, focusing on generating a 360 movement between print and digital.

Jason holds a degree in Film and Media Production from UCT, but chose to focus on Fashion Media after leaving the institution, spending a few years abroad interning in the fashion industry in Asia where he pursued his interests in history, photography and styling, after which he returned to South Africa to get hands on experience in commercial fashion and fashion construction under the tutelage of Baroness Elzbieta Rosenwerth and her daughter Gabi Rosenwerth. He is currently still employed at GQ, happily doing his thang.

– EON –



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