What The Fluff


This is a film that I made for my senior research project at UCT in 2007. I received funding for the film through MNet after I submitted a script for consideration. I worked on this project over the course of two months with a team consisting of three other students.

Initially, I wanted to explore the harsh realities of drug abuse and sexual violence in the Cape Flats, but as seen through the eyes of a little girl growing up witnessing these harsh realities, but interpreted through the lens of a child’s imagination. Ultimately the project failed and the film was pulled from M-Net after receiving multiple complaints. It was an ambitious script that dealt with many sensitive issues, but due to the fact that it became a group senior research project, had to factor in the creative contributions of my peers, and that, stacked against our lack of technical know-how, resulted in a film that was too convoluted and ultimately felt like we were making light of the issues we were trying to address, rather than dealing with them more directly and with the sensitivity they required. Regardless, I was still very proud of this achievement and the incredible work that we, as a team, managed to pull off.



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